Something ate my chick (in egg)


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6 Years
Aug 12, 2013
I had at least two of my eggs expected to hatch this weekend but...Today, my two broody hens decided to get up and take a break but while I was inside I heard my rooster squawking so I ran back out... but I was too late. There was an egg, with what looked like a bite had been taken out, along with blood and feathers all inside. Nothing of the chick left.

Now, I believe to only have one egg out of four hatching this weekend. What could be doing this? I was considering a squirrel because we always have this one which likes to hang out with the chickens...

Will the chick be okay by itself?

the other chick will be fine by itself if it has its mom. And as for what ate the egg could it have been one of the other chickens?
I don't let my chicks with the others because of the rooster. He will stay inside until he can go outside in a "mini-coop" and then merge with the rest of the uncooped chickens. I don't think it was one of the chickens though because there was no egg shell pieces anywhere or chicks "parts."

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