Something ate one of my coturnix hens.


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Apr 13, 2011
I just went out to check my quail and one of my 8 coturnix quail was dead. there was a quarter size hole right up the bum and all of the guts were gone. I have been having mice in my chicken feed but they were just field mice. The cage is about 5 feet off the ground and at least 2.5 feet away from anything the mice would be able to climb up and i the cage is in my garage that is closed up. what could it be. also my cage is made up of 1 sqaure sides.
Something got my first rooster back in the summer. My cage is tall too. Something had grabbed him and pulled him down against the half inch hardware cloth on the bottom and pulled all the feathers off his breast and cut his neck. Also bit one of my hens toes off. Don't know what it was for sure but caught the neighbor's husky under the cage trying to get them a few nights later. Keep a watch. The guilty party will probably be back to try for another soon.
Well the cage is 3' X5' and the hen was almost completely in the middle. I have never seen or caught any rats around here bur I guess it is possible.
Well, since nobody else wants to say it over here in "Rainbows and Unicorns Land", there is a good possibility that it was cannibalism. It does happen, and the event that you describe is typical of birds eating birds.
Wow, i had no idea that they could be cannibalistic. Sounds like you may have a Hannibal. Eek!

Hh that's weird I've seen them eat there own eggs but not each other there were several eggs and the feeder was full. I gues they wanted some meat.
Yep... Quail Are Obligatory Insectavores... If Not Given Enough Protien Their Roommate "morty" Over There Starts To Look Like A Thanksgiving Turkey...

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