Something comfortable the Cockerel can sleep in/on? And nesting box?

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    So, I have 12 chickens in all. 11 are pullets, and 1 is Cockerel.
    They're all about 2 months old, and they are living in a pen outside.
    We are starting to work on a chicken coop, we have an idea of where the nesting boxes will be, but I have three questions.
    1) What should my family build that would be comfortable for the Cockerel to sleep in/on?
    2) And what would be some good things to use for nesting boxes. (I've seen boxes and crates used as nesting boxes), is there anything else that could be used?
    3) Will the pullets have a sense of which nesting box is theirs as they grow familiar with the coop?

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    Usually ALL the chickens will roost at night on the roosts in the coop. They shouldn't be sleeping in the nesting boxes.
    You can add roosts, usually a 2X4 with the wide side up in your coop away from being over feed/water and preferably not right above the nest boxes so they don't poop in them.
    The pullets usually do have a favorite box to lay in..but they share unless broody.

    Look in the Coop and Construction area of the forum for tons of ideas on nest boxes and anything else you'd ever want to know about building your coop/run.

    Good luck and please post pics when you're done [​IMG] !!!!!!!!

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