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    Jun 4, 2009
    I have just started getting eggs from two of my hens, 100% sure a Barred Rock and 99% the other is a Light Brahma, standard.
    One is laying rather large, brown eggs, the other a bit smaller, pointier and very light brown eggs.

    In the large brown ones there is some sort of material. I have heard of blood streaks, but this is something else. It is brownish, sort of like a scab on a scrape wound. In fact, that is exactly what it looks like, a peeled off scab! It is very tiny, 1/4 of a pinky fingernail. Now, I know this stuff happens, but it does kinda gross me out nonetheless. [​IMG] What IS it? [​IMG]

    And can anyone tell me which eggs belong to which hen? I always heard Brahmas lay larger eggs from the get-go, but I get two eggs almost every day, and I thought they were a bit more sluggish about laying? Only other suspect is a BO, but she's too young really and doesn't have a red comb yet (it's coming in now, I've been getting eggs for over three weeks).
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    You are probably seeing "meat spots" which do happen time to time. Some bird have them more often than others and can be blood, or tissue from their reproductive tract. Just pick it out and it's still good to eat. Commercially, birds that have meat spots are culled, so reduces the chance of it being passed on.

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