something is going on with my hen ???


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Sep 12, 2013
We some an older hen. I think she is two years old. Was informed that she lays every other day. Have had her for a week and nothing. Of course our rooster tired to kill her so he went bye bye. He had already killed a pullet that day. She survied. We seperate until wounds healed and she was making noises. Now for two days nothing can't get her out of henhouse. She is drinking water not sure about eating. Eyes clear no feather loss. Its like she is out of it?

Sorry about your problems with the hen. Shock can do a lot. It is not unusual that she is in shock after an attack. The not eating and drinking and out of it is not a great sign.

I would keep her quiet. Can you force liquids on her? Use a spoon.

I would check on her every hour or so and see if you can spoon feed her some water and gruel made from mashed feed a little Apple Cider Vinegar and some warm tepid water or some molases even. Don't make a ton of it just a baby food jar full.

Birds as a rule hide the fact that they are hurt. They will withdraw so as not to attract predators.

So there may not be anything you can do besides force watery gruel, liquids, and keep her in a quiet place.

I hope things work out for you!

I think a scropian got her or a spider. I have her on back porch in nest box. She just went on her self. No blood in stool. But soft and runny. Neighbor said to give her bendryl not sure how much and if good idea. Got some gruel down her and water with syringe.
Going going gone. I took her out to go to the bathroom and she couldn't walk or stand up. She started seizures and then was gone. I have five pullets out of the original seven and they are twenty weeks old and no eggs. Feel like we can not raise chickens. Four chicken we have lost this summer.
I'm so sorry for your loss. Please don't be too hard on yourself, birds are fragile creatures and if you didn't raise her from a chick you don't know what she may have been exposed to which is beyond your control.

There are a lot of knowledgeable and supportive people on this forum who can help as you go along. I've also read that all breeds lay at different times and conditions and stress can affect laying. I've read about some people whose hens take 6 months to start laying.
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you could post in detail in "emergencies, diseases, injuries, cures, thread." She may be older than you were told and not laying well to start with. Chickens can eat spiders with no affect, I would think she was in shock and may have some wounds that you haven't noticed, from the rooster attack. They may be sites of infection. Really go over her thru all the feathers and see if she has any damage.

That rooster makes me so mad, I think I would have cooked him twice.

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