Something is not right with 2 of my hens-acting like there is a neurological problem


Sep 25, 2015
I am dealing with a 4 year old hen who cannot walk,and for the past 3 or 2 weeks had trouble making aim for food,and scratch,now it has reached the breaking point and she got super sick a week ago and was super close to being spot,but amazingly,she made a huge recovery,but still has trouble walking,and cannot make aim for water,and has trouble monuvering with feed and etc,cannot pick anything up and just sticks beak in feed and sucks it all up and chews and swallows.

No idea if she will recover but her other 4 year old red sex link (Both are red sexlinks),sister is beginning to have bad aim for feed and acts blinds when I through meal worms on the ground for her,noticed this in the other hen and now look at where she is at.
I cannot tell if this is a laying issue.This particular hen,fake nests and acts as if she is in desperate need of a nest when in reality,she just is acting off.She cackles makes nest up here on our deck,.but never any egg,this all begun after molt.Shortly after molt,she did actually produce.It was a egg yolk,and then 1 minute or so later,the shell right out behind it,that is alarming,but was so long ago,please help what is going on?This hen laid all her life and was GREAT at it,but these hens just have a short life span.

Another one of my other hens is doing the same think,she is a EE,unknown age just know she defiantly is probably over 5 years.She acts just like red sexlink just not having any bad aim probably,just faking out egg laying.
Would defiantly like to figure out this mystery.
I can not help too much, but I am sorry to hear about your hen. I am glad she got a bit better though. I wish you the best of luck, and I hope things go right for her and you!

-The Angry Hen

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