Something is wrong with my rooster?


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Apr 6, 2022
Howdy everybody :) my rooster is about 18 weeks old. When I ordered my chickens he was the smallest one and looked generally unwell. His growth process was slower than all of my hens’. As a baby and up to now he occasionally flexes or droops 1 wing and every now and again will limp like he has an issue walking (again this has been happening since he was a few days old). He also started to half crow at 12 weeks old.

About a week ago I went out to the coop and found him limping and almost half dragging one of his wings (the same one). I let him and the hens out and let them run with me to the shed for feed and he tried to jump up like usual but face planted in the grass and couldn’t get himself up, I had to help him. After this he had trouble walking back to the coop that day so I carried him. From this day he has been very quiet and very willing to be picked up.

He stops limping and dropping his wing after a few days but one morning when I go out I notice a lot of little black peck spots on his comb as well as fresh blood. My family and I decided to move him solo to a separate smaller coop we have as we feared our 11 hens would gang up on him and kill him. Throughout this time he has been eating and drinking and pooping as well as moving around normally.

Since being in his own coop he is doing well. He can jump into the shed like before, I haven’t seen him limp or flex his wing, & he is starting to quietly coo and make noise. His comb however seems to be pale and drooping to one side.

I do live in Florida but all of our chickens have constant access to water and I will frequently put ice cubes in their water since it gets so hot. They also have a lot of shade and a little weed forest to hide in (regular weeds lol). Also all 11 of my hens are acting perfectly fine!! None have pale combs or peck marks, none have stopped making noise or suddenly become more friendly, etc etc and they were all cooped up together!

I tried googling it but I can’t really come up with anything😭 has anybody here experienced anything similar?
first pic is about 2 weeks ago before any issues, second pic is today


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How did your roo end up? My 6mo old roo doing very similar. 🥺
I’m so sorry to hear that, I hope your roo is okay :( my little guy has been eating, drinking, walking, and pooping normally! His comb is still pale and floppy and we can’t really figure out what’s wrong so we put him on an electrolyte vitamin mix to start and he seems…. more peppy at least??
I don't know how it would tie in to his having been weaker as a chick, but he looks a anemic, I would say. I wonder if he has an excess of worms and/or mites/lice? I once bought six jersey giant pullets. They did well for about a month, then began to be pale, floppy combed, and weak. When I picked them up, to check them out more closely, they were just skin and bones! I was too new to birds, then, to realize that they can hide a lot, or a very little, beneath their feathers. I lost four of them, over the next day or two. The two that made it became two of my very favorites. But, even with lots of food, and forage too, they "starved," due to, what turned out to be, a revolting excess of the darned lice. We have oodles of wild turkeys all around, all the time. Lice and mites are a constant battle. All of that to say, maybe a worming, and an inspection of his backside, for lice, would help. It doesn't explain the wing issue, I guess, but I suppose there could be two issues, and the one aggravates the other? Best of luck with him! He sounds very sweet.

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