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Jul 6, 2018
Our favorite little Silkie got hurt. I bent over to pick her up and my phone fell on top of her, hitting her with the corner of the phone. She screamed. I scooped her up, held her closely and cooed at her for a few minutes, gently petting her. The spot she was hit on was warmer to the touch and she was making little “whistling” noises and whines. When I put her down, she seemed fine and was moving/walking normally. I had to leave town that night, but had my husband and his son keep an eye on her. They said she seemed fine. Last night, he went to the neighbors to ask if they would watch them for us this week while we were gone. He used her to show that they were super sweet and weren’t aggressive. He swore he put her back in the coop, but came out this morning to find her missing. He found her an hour later on the compost pile and she was doing this (watch video). She won’t eat or drink anything and she’s not making any sound -just this weird “mouthing.”
I’ve had him put her in a carrier with bedding and bring supplies as he is driving to meet me at our other house about 7 hrs away so I can keep an eye on her and keep the others from picking on her (I’ve heard they will pick on the injured) as we do have some girls who can be mean to each other sometimes.

I didn’t check her for anything out of place (bones, etc) because I didn’t want to hurt her anymore.

Damn! It won’t let me upload it! Please connect with me via FB messenger and I’ll send the short video there. Search: Tanis Gennean on Facebook if you have any interest in helping assess what’s wrong with my little girl.

Thank you

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