Something sticking out my hens vent


6 Years
Apr 20, 2013
My Buff Orpington Rosie has been a great layer. She is only thirteen months old. Every now and then she lays a huge egg that is a double yoker. She laid a super big egg the other day and yesterday I noticed a squished part of a soft egg in the nesting box. Today she has been in the nesting box and I noticed when she went out there is some white stuff hanging out of her vent. I am trying to catch her to investigate further and will let you know what I find. Is this prolapse? Or another soft egg? Oh no.......Any advice helpful.
Might be vent gleet.... , post pics if you can!
Washed her butt in warm water and have her in a dog crate. Now what? Im afraid to pull it. Just wait and see??

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