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11 Years
May 26, 2008
I would like to tell those that have been friendly and helpful to me Thank You.

I have found that when you disagree with someone's response on a post you tend to get a comment that is condescending to your comment.

Everyone has an opinion, everyone has the right to state their opinion, but if I tell someone something and I know it works and then someone comes along and say no don't do it that have just been rude.

This board has a ton of new chicken owners and they sometimes do not have a clue...I see a lot of post's where members are literally scaring these new owners.

I am sure that I am not the only one who feels this way, but they choose just to ignore the rudeness.

Out of some 320 pages of members I'll bet half or more don't post because of the response they feel they are going to get.

Go ahead mods and delete this, if you choose too, I am sure this will not sit well with you to have criticism of your board.
i understand your point. i have been yelled at and told "no. that wont work" "NO dont do that" "No, that will never work" etc. several times on this board.. when i know it works, because i've tried it or know MANY people who've tried it and said it works. i sometimes catch myself being a little rude. but i try not to be.

When there are 16,000 people on a forum you are going to get lots of different advice. You will get great advice and not so great advice. What's so cool about a board like this is that you get so much different advice!!

What works for one person may not work for someone else. Maybe their weather is different or they have different predators or a different incubator, etc. So, yes, what may have always worked for you/them or what may have never worked for you/them may be different for the next person.

I love getting advice from different view points. Then, I can research and make my own decisions on what I believe will work for me. I often get ideas from people that I never thought about and maybe what they said will or won't work in my situation but I can figure out an answer from their help.

Yes, sometimes people 'seem' rude. On a board you can't see facial expressions and hear the inflection in someone's voice. Often they don't mean to be rude it just comes across that way. There's actually a lot of humor on this board (which I personally love) and it takes a while to figure out that some people like to lighten things up.

And, sometimes, people are just plain rude. Ignore them and look for the answers that help you.
Thank you DT

I have been working with animals for many years now and I have some good valid things that work.

There are I'm sure a number of people on this board who have experience and don't post.

It's a sad day when you really want to help someone and then get blasted because someone read in a book how to do it.

Working with animals is a learned process, be it chickens or cows or hamsters.....

Colered egg. That would be a nice addition, don't know if it would help tho.

"And, sometimes, people are just plain rude. Ignore them and look for the answers that help you.

No one has to be rude...ever.

9 times out of 10 I have been treated like I have no clue as to what I am talking about...that kind of behavior is not called for.

Even if I don't know what I'm talking about...blow me off , don't many people on here think they know it all and that just ain't so.

Any one working with animals is consistently learning.

There are not enough open minds, top that off with rude behavior and it is hard to ignore it.
I am hoping you will not be offended but can I ask, what would you prefer people to do? What would be the NOT rude version?

I mean, sometimes 2 people will have experiences that lead them to disagree about something, right? Like if someone says 'Dipping your chickens in red paint will make them lay more eggs'; or as a more on-the-fence but nonetheless relevant example, 'cedar bedding will kill your chicks'. (I pick the latter because it seems to be true sometimes and not-true other times, and thus people can have very different but well-founded opinions on it).

So, like, what would YOU say? What do you want other people to say to you? It might be helpful to know...

Pat, pretty positive I am not one of the people you are complaining of (I did go back and look at which threads you're talking about
) but sincerely interested in the issue
"You need to be very careful when criticizing the practises of others, especially when it leads to an appearance that you do not know what you are talking about.

I could have responded by saying that YOUR method seems amateurish and ignorant .... but that would be unfair. You care for your hens in the way that pleases you, and that is fine.

By this post I was thoroughly disgusted and was probably rude.
It doesnt hurt to practice a little tact, even if you are in disagreement with someone.
Sometimes it is best to reread the posts you make before you hit the post button.

Someone may know what they are talking about, but phrasing it gentler will make others respond to you. If abrasive "I know more than you do" approaches are used, then reactions may be abrasive in return. Just food for thought.

If you have a problem with a post, better to report it or PM a mod instead of chastising a large group of people at once.

I closed this to prevent you from being jumped on.
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