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    Another True Life Experience~

    Several years ago OldGal fell off a horse and broke her wrist, off to the hospital we went. Upon arrival an EMT-in-Training was delegated the task of cutting off her ring since her hand was swelling badly. Now, I have no objection to an EMT, even one in training removing the ring. I have nothing but respect for those folk. What I did object to was that he was attempting to do this in the waiting room and not having much luck at it while my darling wife was in tears.

    The last straw came when the young man behind the desk started asking me all those **** fool questions that hospitals love to ask. I answered as best I could until he got to the question, "The phone number of a relative or friend?" What has that got to do with my purpose in being there? All this while OldGal is crying and moaning. I told him I didn't have one to give him. (True! I don't even try to remember phone numbers. To quote Albert Einstein, “Never memorize something that you can look up.”) In a snippy tone he responded that, "HE HAD to have one." God forbid that one of the blanks on his form should be left blank! The whole hospital might have to shut down.

    I thought about that for a moment, pulled a business card out of my wallet and read the phone number aloud. In an even more irritating tone he asked the question that I expected, "And whose number is that?"

    Starting in a precise, low, calm voice I answered, "That is the number of J******* T*******, Attorney at Law who, should I pick up that phone and dial that number will come down here, waving his sword of legal retribution to the financial detriment of this institution and, quite possibly you personally." (Picked that phrase out of the air, believe it or not.)

    His eyes got big, he stared at me for just a moment, jumped up and ran into the bowels of the ER. As God is my witness, thirty seconds later OldGal was on a gurney and on her way to a treatment room.

    Sometimes ya just gotta get their attention. [​IMG]
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    Good for you!

    It is so important these days to advocate for your hospitalized loved ones. Otherwise, they WILL be overlooked. Sad but true.
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    Sometimes ya just have to pull out the big guns. Great story and good thinking on your part.
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    I think i need to find me a card to keep handy. Last time i went in i was having an allergic reaction to a food item and could not breath to well. Sat and waited to be called back for 30 mins and then it took another 45 in the back before they even gave me anything to breath again! I would hate to have a full blown reaction and actually need help.
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    Sep 19, 2010
    Good reason to never wear rings when working with farm machinery and animals.

    I will say, at the veterinary clinic I work at, patients are seen faster, and more thoroughly than at my doctor's office!
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    I'm with you on the rings thing Peaches, now if I could just convince OldGal... I've been strongly hinting/suggesting for over 30 years, so I think it's a lost cause.

    As for being seen promptly I have my own solution for that. First, I always show up early for an appointment. When I was still working I used to use a "Daytimer". Using one of those makes you very jealous of your time, therefore I don't like to wait on people and I do not believe that they should have to wait for me. Depending on how I feel I'll wait on someone I have an appointment with for from 20 minutes up to an hour. After that I leave. On the way out someone usually asks where I'm going. At that point I say something like, "My appointment was at 2 o'clock. It is now 2:45. I came early to insure that the doctor didn't have to wait for me. I expect the same courtesy!"

    The amazing thing about this method is that, (1.) suddenly the doctor is ready to see you, and (2.) you only have to do this a couple of times for any given office and they discover that they can actually see you promptly at the prearranged time. [​IMG]

    Don't be bashful. Try it. Refuse to accept poor service. You can only be disrespected in this fashion if you allow it. Your time is just as valuable to you as anyone else's is to them.
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    I would have probably laughed and told you to make the call.
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    That would have been your mistake. I would have no problem making that call, and I'm sure my attorney would have had no problem with filing a malpractice suit. That's what attorneys do for a living you know. They sue people.
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    May 3, 2011
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    wouldn't do any good. the can ask anything they want to and go as slow as they want(don't get me started on this rant). She was in pain her life wasn't in danger. They can ask anything they want. Its best to just answer and be done with it. You wouldn't have a malpractice lawsuit. at best it would be neglect.

    Being a person that has gone the ER its ridiculous what you have to go through. I love people that call and think an ambulance gets them seen sooner. New flash you will do the paperwork on my stretcher vs a nice comfy chair if you call me. I wont get you seen any sooner but i will charge you 6oo$ for the trip.

    anywho. sorry for your wife. broken anything sucks.
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    Every time my boyfriend gets taken by an ambulance he is seen faster then if we walk in. He has crohn's so there have been quite a few trips over the years.

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