Somethings missing....(PICS)

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  1. Still in the works.....the brooder in my dining room. We don't use it anyway [​IMG]





    The paper in the bottom is something known as GB002 it is a blotting paper used in labs - it has a soft, textured feel and is absorbent. The little towels are detailing cloths - really soft.

    Next are the drapes for the windows, the lamp and the filter cover.


    Oh yeah and chicks - count down 30 days
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    Lol, my 26 are coming on Monday from McMurray!!!!![​IMG]
    The intensity is KILLING me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![​IMG]

    Fresh eggs
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    Looks like it will work just fine! I may do that myself with my next batch of chicks....and it will be in my dining area, too! (broke my ankle and cant do down steps to get to the regular brooder space)
  4. [​IMG] That's ALMOST perfect! PERFECT will be when chickies arrive! [​IMG]
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    i would say a mirror for them to play with themselves even tho they will have other chicks also a nice good sized stuffed animal for them to cuddle/hide under and this is cute to watch too
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    How are you heating it? Heating pad? Heat lamp?
  7. Thanks for your attention to detail.

    I do have a heat lamp, stuffed animals and I am working on little green, fleece frogs that have warm packs inside and a jungle gym for entertainment value.

    I'll update pics when I get closer to the chicks actually arriving - 18 in one brooder and 9 in a second brooder.
  8. Quote:I actually went to Cheshire Horse, that has all kinds of supplies other than equine and bought the feeders, Sulmet, Wazine and poultry electrolytes - just to "feed my need." I even asked when their chicks were coming so that I might pick up a few earlier than the others arrival. They won't have them until March.

    I would get mine earlier but my friend ordered Partridge Chanteclers and they won't be ready until the end of Feb.

    Please, please please post some pics when they get settled so at least I'll get a little fix. [​IMG] (Boy, I was on the verge of whining, [email protected]#) Pathetic just pathetic. I am such a wannabe.. can't wait to be a real "chicken lady."

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