Somethings wrong with her leg......


8 Years
Aug 31, 2011
My Own Little World....
My one Cochin, Kashi, had been sitting in the nesting box for about four days in a row, I don't know if she was able to get to food

and water....Anyways, I picked her up 2 days ago and noticed her feet were too soft....and I looked on the bottom and

there were pink bulges on the soles of her feet. Since she has black feathers its difficult to tell whether she has the trademark

black scabs of bumblefoot or just feathers coming in. What should I do about the pink things on her feet? They're getting worse,

getting increasngly red and agitated. We soak her in Epsom salts every day but it doesnt seem to be doing anything! We also

slather her feet in NeoSporin and bandage them up but OMG help!!

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