Something's wrong with my 3 month old chick


May 21, 2016
I found him/her Wednesday afternoon/evening, he/she was laying down, not moving, I thought, oh no Dead, so I went in clicking my tongue, and he/she got up, but is limping, one of the feet is curled, I don't know what happened, I had just got home from a job, can anyone help?
Do I Need To Splint It? I Don't Want To Cull as this is the last Chick I have, the others were tooken by a 'coon. What should I do for his/her leg?
I May Have To Cull, As I Came Home Today I Went To Check On Him/Her and it had fell out of the coop and got attacked, Scalped, And Under The Wing Was Bleeding.
What attacked it? do you mean your other chickens? Maybe that's what happened with the leg too. I'd at least seperate it for now so they can't kill it.

No experience personally but there are lots of threads treating scalped chicken so you could try doing a search and hopefully you will find some good advice. Fingers crossed for it!
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Yea. The Rooster Is The Only One Prone To Attacking The Chick. I Watched The Rooster Chase The Chick Multiple Times Before The Chick Got Injured.

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