Something's wrong with my Marans!


10 Years
Jan 7, 2010
Greenwood, SC
I have a yr-old Black Copper Maran. About a month ago she started walking around like she was sitting down. She seemed to get around fine and was eating and drinking. I moved her to a chicken tractor by herself. I felt around on her abdomen to see if I could feel any protrusion or egg-like lump. I've never had an egg bound chicken or any other kind of illness. I'm not sure I know what I'm doing! I've checked her for lice/mites and she's fine. No respiratory symptoms. She's still walking that way. Her belly and back side are now bare and red but I think it's because she's dragging them on the ground. I checked her again today and don't see anything obvious. She's still eating and drinking. What in the world is going on with this chicken? If she was egg bound or something like that, would it have lasted a month? I love this little rascal and wish she would get her bottom up and stop acting like a penguin. Any thoughts?
I just posted almost the same symptoms! And mine is a black copper. Lets hope we figure this out.
I saw your post. Is your hen walking upright? That's the strangest part! There's nothing poking out of her bottom. It looks normal. I'm just confused! Every day I think she'll be better, but there she goes.... waddling around.
If you've separated her...has she laid an egg yet? If not, I would try the warm water soak and massage and see how that goes first.

ETA: a month! I missed that. Would not think she could go a month. Maybe someone else has a suggestion. Maybe try worming her?
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Mine is walking just fine and pecking around like there's nothing wrong but she has the red/warm abdomen. And she just started looking ratty so mine might not be as far along. Does yours look like a mess? She is my only marans and come to think of it I haven't seen one of her eggs in several days. I felt her bottom area and it is distended but I don't feel anything hard. I'm going to try the warm bath.

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