Sometimes neighbours surprise you...


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Jan 12, 2007
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We had some neighbours move in a few years ago. They're the inlaws of the Queen of the Neigbhourhood, but they're completely different.
They walk their dog, they're friendly etc. The kids are polite and always say hi.

In the spring we'd talk and I gave them eggs. They were very happy and loved to see the birds.

Over the summer, the sister in law's sister came to me with a had a fallen baby bird and they wanted to know what they should do...I said keep warm, feed it with earthworm smoothies because it was a robin, make sure to give water and call the wildlife center in the morning. I gave them a bit of Penny's handfeeding formula to make in with the smoothie.

I heard nothing else about it....until tonight. The sister's sister in law came up to the house and gave me a rooster. Not a real one, but one made from old cars...just because I helped them...I was practically in tears...

Another Grinch know like when the Grinch's heart breaks it's frame...that's what it felt like...
That is so sweet! But, there's a saying on another board of mine...tpingwoap (this post is no good with out a picture!)

I want to see a rooster made of old cars!
Aww that's sweet!

I love our new neighbors. We live on a dead end, so everyone that drives by our house waves hello or stops to say hi. The older man across the street lets us pick his granny smith apples whenever we want. I trade him baked goods for his garden veggies. He's got AWESOME cukes! To think, when we lived in town CLOSER to all our neighbors, they never even said hello or knew our names...
How sad.

Anyways, I want to see the car chicken too!!!
There are a lot of good people in this world. Sometimes it seems hard to find them, I'm glad you have some near you!

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