Somewhere around June 26th? Update... good and bad..

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  1. I set my eggs under my broody yesterday. If it's 21 days, that puts it at June 26th. Anyone with me?
    I've got delaware, java, cochin, EE and something else (i forgot! ETA: RIR) eggs under my chantecler hen.
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    I am with you. I just received some eggs from BYC member Nava yesterday. To see her Turkens click on this link:

    I don't know if the link works or not but it has the picture of her turkens in the auction of hers I recently won.

    Good luck with your hatch!!!
  3. They're HATCHING!!!!!! I got a yellow one and a grey one. I;ll post pictures as soon as I can sneak away from DH to do it... he sort of doesn't know about the broodies... [​IMG]
  4. ugh... looked more carefully, and there is at least one dead mashed naked chick among the remaining eggs. yuck. tomorrow, I'm moving mama and whatever alive babies there are to a new spot... and cleaning up the ickies.

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