soo new to quail just a few questions :)


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Ok so I have a few questions that have been asked a billion times. So the first one is how often should they lay eggs , because my neighbor has had his for a little over a week and still none and they were laying before. The second one is probably the most common how do you tell the difference?? Lol, I can tell a male when the chest has no spots but some of the quail like to be spotted half way and some have hardly any. I know females some tend to have spots . Just kinda confused lol. Please help
i have heard that they start to lay at 6-8 weeks, not sure on the amount per day, or per week i think it all depends on lighting conditions, cold/heat. as far as how to tell which is which has GREAT info on all that sort of stuff, just check the "color" section(i think its just for button/jbbq and coturnix tho

would help if we knew what kinda quail you got, and maybe your USDA region code
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If they are fed properly they can lay at least 6 eggs in 7 days during the laying season. Your neighbor's aren't laying because, as you say, he "just got them". This tells me that they were moved, which can throw them off laying for up to a month.

I assume you are talking about coturnix since I don't think any of the other species have spotted breasts
This time of year you can tell the males because their breast is rust-colored (in browns, goldens, and cinnamons), their faces are also rust-colored, they have a large gland near their vents and when you push on it a white foam will come out. If you are looking at other colors (Ranges, whites, reds) you'll only be able to tell by behavior (crowing) and vent (foam) sexing.
okies i looked at the pics and i have a pharoh cortunix lol sorry spellin and i have a male golden one and three i think females that are the italian ones lol or they look like those and we both just got ours and mine layed two days in a row but none today and he hasnt gotten any so the month thing would answer taht lol and im from louisiana so its pretty hot or atleast getting there .

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