Soon to be a owner of ringneck pheasants.

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    So i am getting 2 baby pheasents april 30th to raise to be let go on gamelands for school. And ive sucessfully raised ducks i know their diffrent. And i have a few questions...
    -Cage temp
    -Wired cage or closed cage
    -feed (I only have tractor supply thats close)
    -water (add electrolyte or something else or none)
    -Anything else that can be added please do!!
    I want to sucessfully have these babies grow up, apparently in the past the teacher even had them die on him... So i would like to prove him wrong and that i can do this!!
    Thank you so much!

  2. cskotek

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    Really no one can help :( they come in one 1/2 days!!! :(
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    Dec 8, 2010
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    bedding- shavings with paper towel over them for the first few days.
    temp- 90ish to start. I drop temps a lot faster based on outside wether and how they act.
    Wired cage or closed cage- what?
    feed- high protein game bird starter, at least 28%
    water- water, that is all. unless they look stressed from travel.
    Give them plenty of room and keep the brooder covered. They like to jump/fly.
  4. cskotek

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    Like i have a wired cage that is like a rabbit cage i used for the ducks, and i also had like a huge tubber wear container which is like a sold no holes just an open top... And thanks for the tip with the paper towel, it helped them alot! And they came home a day early.... And omg, can you say adorable! I didnt think something could be so small! And hoppy! I dont want to let go of them and ive only had them for a few hours... :( Heres a pic :p [​IMG]
    Their in the bottom of the wired cage which dosent have the holes, thankfully. They are just so tiny!

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