11 Years
Jun 3, 2008
upper peninsula
My girls are just short of 4 months. I noticed that the coombs(?) and wattles are turning real deep pink on some of them. Are they getting close to laying eggs yet?
24 weeks is the average for start of egg laying. You'll read all sorts of folks talking about theirs laying earlier, that's only because we don't tend to brag about those that take longer!

I've got two EE hens that did not begin until well past 32 weeks, but they consistently lay XL to Jumbo sized eggs, so it was worth the wait.

The name of the game regarding when they will lay is....patience.
Echoing everyone else.... it's like waiting for Christmas. It seems to take forever, but eventually it comes.

And if you're like me, once you get one laying, then you start agonizing about when the SECOND one will start laying.... then the third, and so on.
Well I wont be checking the nest boxes everyday (in case you didnt read the story "I just went down to check the nest boxes) LOL. Or maybe I should have a buddy system.
I'll wait patiently
I have 8 hens that are just shy of 25 weeks, 4 are laying (their combs and wattles got bigger and redder, they became friendlier, and started squatting). My other 4 don't seem to be in any hurry to lay.

Sounds like you'll be getting your first egg soon!


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