sore foot what can i do ???


7 Years
Apr 30, 2012
I just noticed my red hen has a sore on the bottom of her foot, i think it might be infected ,
it's a bit red looking and she is limping . Anyone got any idea what i should do ?
Google pics of bumblefoot and see what you think. If that's what it is, it would be a good idea to post a photo, because there are different treatment options, depending on severity, and letting us have a look would help us advise.
Check out the Learning Center tab, here, on the BYC home page. There is an excellent tutorial on Bumble Foot Surgery (with step-by-step photos)posted there. I found it indispensable working on my Violet's double bumble-feet. I saved it to "my favorites," and referred to it regularly. (Don't do it on an empty stomach. Take it from one who learned it the hard way.)

...But surgery may not be necessary. I have successfully treated 3 cases of bumblefoot by soaking once daily in an antibiotic solution called TricideNeo. Have never had to resort to surgery. Bumblefoot surgery is done without an anesthetic and is therefore painful, and best avoided, if a less invasive method is effective. More info from the OP would be necessary to help decide. Photograph it and post the photo, and gently feel the swelling to find out if there is a hardened kernel, or if it is still soft. More severe cases with a hardened kernel probably need surgery, but this is often not necessary for less severe cases.
i will take a few pics and post them, i will have a look at the pics of bumble foot and let you all no.
many thanks from mitilda and me.
I didn't mean to jump right into the surgery. I just meant that the photos in that post are good examples for identifying the condition. Believe me, if I could have avoided the surgery stage, I sure would have! And Violet agrees, I am sure!

just had a look at the pics for bumble foot and yes it is , im off to the chemist to get some cream, i'll bathe it and dress it for a few day's if it gets no better i'll take her to the vet ..

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