Sore foot

Cathy Roberts

Jun 23, 2018
England, Arkansas
What should I do if my chicken has hurt her foot? She was fine when we left the house and was limping real bad when we got home. She and 2 more chickens and 2 roosters live in a coop and run. This is the first time anything like this has happened to me, so I'm very worried. Also, the wing on the same side seems to be bothering her.
Have you examined the footpad for any scabs, and the whole foot and leg for swelling, redness, bruising, or cuts? Do you have any pictures? Is the wing drooping? Is she eating and able to get to her food and water?
We've checked the foot and it looks alright. We don't have any pictures available. Her wing isn't drooping and she has plenty of food and water. She seems to be walking around a little better this morning so far.
Hopefully, she just has a sprain and it is already better. The roosters could be jumping on and hurting her if they are young. I would separate the roosters for now. Usually it is best to only have one rooster and 8-10 hens together. If your roost is very high, that also could be a possible way to injure a leg.

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