sore mouth and goats


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May 30, 2008
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ok i was at a dairy farm the other day and her kids had sore mouth, full of scabs...but only after i was playing with them. this was a little over a week ago and i havent had any break outs of scabs but the people that went wih me that also pet the goats before realizing what they had have 2 boer goats for 4h they bleached everything before they went out to their goats but from what ive read sore mouth is spread by the scabs so fo you think that they should be worried about their goats?
Oh please make sure you wear rubber gloves while handling any animals with sore mouth. It is very painful if you catch it. My daughters raised lambs for 4-H and their lambs had sore mouth when we brought them home from the breeder. I always took care of the animals while they had sore mouth because I didn't want the kids to catch it. I always thought I was doing a good job of keeping my hands clean and didn't wear gloves on one occasion and I had a small scratch on the top of my thumb and before I knew what was happening, I started with a small red pimple that got bigger and bigger and really sore and gross looking.
It's called Orf in humans and it is really painful. There's nothing to be done. It has to run it's course. It took over 2 months to go away. They say that once an animal gets sore mouth, they can't get it again. I wonder if that holds true for me. I don't ever want to take any chances again. So please don't let anyone handle the animals without gloves until the scabs are gone.
Its not the end mine had it and some got it and some didnt...I didnt get it and I was out with them all the time. Yes once they get it usually they cant get it again but some do...It takes a while but they heal up and all is fine.
Yes the people version is awful but eventually it goes away also. It can get in the ground when the scabs fall off so remember to wash good and it wont take long till they are all fine again.
Cows get it also and sometimes that is where goats get it from grazing where cows have been.
well as to not getting it again a couple of the sources ive looked up said that their are between 10-12 strains of it and each on can be caught and they can get infected again but the subsequent time is much less painful/obvious. its the first bought that kills the most animals...

And Thanks for the Responces
I think the point is that once your herd has had it, they are unlikely to develop it again unless a different strain is introduced. You'd have to be pretty unlucky to have 12 different strains of sore mouth on your property.
My herd had it this fall and didnt lose any of them...I think the only deaths are attributed to the babies that its too painful to nurse and starve to death. MIne are all fine and have gone on to kid with no problems and 1.2 of my herd got it and it looked awful but it didnt stop them from eating...just slowed them down some. They look perfect now...But I guess there are rare cases where its really really bad and died from not eating, the diesease didnt kill them but starvation.

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