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Jul 2, 2019
I have a 2 month old pullet with a sore that suddenly appeared on her face. She's breathing/"talking" fine, no drainage from anywhere, no crackling in her breathing, no poop caked to her butt, eating and drinking great. All of the other pullets she's with are fine. Can anyone tell me what this is and what I need to do about it? The chicks came from Tractor Supply.


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I have seen some pictures of fowl pox in young birds that look like that. It alao is a common place for injuries from sharp fencing or feeders. Do you have other chicks the same age? Are there a lot of mosquitoes out? Usually when you see one case of fowl pox, you may see another with more scabs.
Yes, she's with 11 other pullets right now. So far she's the only one, everyone else's beaks and eyes are clear. I do have a lot of mosquitoes and am trying my best to combat them with fans and removing standing water. I feel like this showed up within the last 24 hrs. Is there anything special I should do about it? It's almost like a hard pimple in a way..
Fowl pox scabs should not be disturbed because that can spread the virus, but you can dab some Betadine on it to help dry it up. That would also help if it is an injury. Below are some internet pics of fowl pox in baby chicks.


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