sores or carunkling?


6 Years
Apr 12, 2013

I'm a Muscovy newbie. I brought my babies in tonight due to a drop in temperatures, and noticed that this one has some red coloring around his eyes and bill. Do you think this is the beginnings of carunckling (sp?) or should I be worried about illness/allergy/injury? The other three don't seem to have this, and this one didn't before this evening (I visit my babies off and on throughout the day). Any help is appreciated!
I cannot get the picture focused in close enough, but it maybe the facial flesh, how old are they? the eye doesn't appear irritated, do they have access to water in which the dunk their heads?(clean the nares?)

I'll show you a 5wk old i have right now.. that said she's a duck lol

a brother maybe a better comparison as they flesh faster..

Alright, not seeing that red on mine... hmm... can you get anymore pictures? It could very well be facial flesh development but it's hard to tell, with the lighter feathering things so show more than the darker babies..
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