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  1. soverysad

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    Nov 24, 2010
    My bird got a bite on his toe and pecked at it til it got infected, he now walks with his foot in like a fist, what do I do? I wash the foot but I don't know what to do and I am afraid he will lose that foot, which means I will be putting him to sleep. He is also impossible to handle. Very wild.

    Do I continue to wash it and hope the infection goes away and then rub/stretch out his toes everyday til he can walk flat footed again? I am just so lost and googling hasn't helped me. His toe is very swollen and one of the other toes is swollen to? Probably from walking on it bunched up.
    I can't see a vet right now.
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    You might have to start him on some antibiotics asap. What have you been washing it out with? Maybe try soaking it in salty water or epsom salt water [warm] Do you have some kind of antibiotic salve like neosporin? I am not sure what antibiotic would be good to get for him but hopefully someone else will be able to tell you about that. I had a rooster that lost a toenail and I used Bluekote on it and it healed fine. After the swelling goes down You could probably start some physical therapy on it. If he's hard to handle wait till night fall after he's gone to perch then get him and Dr. you might want to keep him in a warm place secluded from everyone till he heals up..... oh Welcome to BYC
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    make sure the foot is clean and put some neosporin (without pain killer) on it. Maybe post a pic so someone could see if it is something else?


    ETA Miss Lydia said it much better than I. Do what she said...
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