SORRY - LIST CLOSED. 12+ eggs from BBS Orpington flock


Poppy Creek Farm
10 Years
Mar 16, 2009
My BBS lines are mainly Julie Bachelor with some Jody Hinkle blues. The black roo and two of the black hens came from Julie's 'English style' Orpingtons and show this in their low carriage, extensive feathering and loose, deep green-sheened feathers. The blues are good sized birds with very nice lacing and the splash is very nicely, evenly marked with good distribution of splash feathering. The black cockerel in the pictures is still a juvenile and is filling out slowly - he has tremendous size, width and his feathers are coming in thick and full.

These birds are in a very large pen with access to fresh greens, high-quality feed and a constant supply of fresh water.

Fertility and hatch rates have been very high at home, but I cannot make any guarantees, as shipped eggs are always a risk due. I cannot be responsible for these eggs once they leave my hands, but rest assured they will get the best chance possible, wrapped and packaged carefully. They will be sent flat rate, up to two dozen will fit in a medium box for $15.

Please PM rather than post if possible please, so the messages come to my email :)

ETA: The reason I am offering these at less that half the price I normally ask for them is because I simply HAVE to stop hatching!! My workload has increased significantly recently, and I cannot keep up with the volume of chicks hitting the ground. And I hate to see a good egg go unhatched!
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Thanks Lori. I have your info written down, I didn't know whether you meant to post your name and address for the world to see! If you didn't feel free to delete it, I have it all safe :)
OK, I can't take any more orders for now!! Sorry, I'm so backed up. Thank you SO MUCH everyone for your orders and for your compliments and kind words about my birds. :)

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