Soul <3 or should I say Boo? Amazing story of my little pullet


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Jul 17, 2011
Canada eh?
You know those chickens or pets you have one of those super special bonds with? Well I have one. Her name is Soul, one of my little missy's (which means pullets in my terms lol). So before I strat to brag on what a sweet little munchkin this little one is let me go back....back in time...*FLASHBACK* It was a average day and my mother and I went to the petshop. No, this isnt how we got Soul, this is a total different story that will relate to her. Anyway, we went to Petland to get some dog food for our little Italian Greyhound and like usual we strolled the sides where all the puppies and kittens are kept. Then something caught our eye. There was a little kitten, much like one of our favorite kittens from a couple years back that got eaten by an owl. We looked at eachother than that little kitten. Its paws were huge and we giggled. That little kitten had extra toes! My mom usually never gets attached like the way she did with this cat. So long story short we ended up in the car holding a extra-toed scrambling kitten in our arms. We obviously were mad at ourselves for buying a kitten from a petshop, and we didnt REALLY need a kitten. But it was too late now. So we brought the kitten home. We decided to call him Boo, his big paws just flashed that name at me, like he was popping out of the blue and saying "BOO!".At this time my mom had a abusive boyfriend, and he wasnt too happy when we brought a cat home. But we kept Boo in the garage and each day we would see it scrambling along on its extra-toes. One day we came home and went in the garage to check on the kitten but it was no where to be seen. How could it escape? I was starting to get worried. Hours later, after searching the whole place I gave up. But then about an hour later I heard a soft meow. I double checked the places where I looked and I noticed I missed one place, in one of our cupboards. So i peeked inside and there he was! From that point on we moved him in the barn, where there was no cupboards to get stuck Boo was our little barn cat. When we would do the barn chores he would circle around you, so you would trip and he would also jump on your back or lap when you went down to scoop up horse poop. We all had a special bond....except my moms boyfriend...who hated the cat.
I was at school one day when I got called to the office, I thought it was probably just that i had forgot my lunch or something but then I saw my mom in the hallway. Tears were pouring down her face and before I could ask why she murmured "Boo is dead". I instantly broke into tears, too sad to be embarassed at the large amount of people staring at me. In the car my mom explained that the cat got hit by her boyfriends car and broke its back. He was in the vets office, about to be put down. My mom asked me if i wanted to say goodbye but i was too scared...I didnt want to see my little Boo paralyzed and then being put down. Of course now I regret it, but one thing still questions my mom and my mind. Did the cat really get hit by a car? Or did the abusive boyfriend do it himself? He hated the cat, not even in that love-hate way. He couldve easily killed it himself. Not to make assumptions but my mom doesnt believe the cat got "hit by a car". But anyway after that sad story lets get to the actual meaning of this. Soul, my d'uccle cross. She is the sweetest little girl, and right now I have really bad anxiety, so much I cant even go to school. But i feel like she read that. I know it sounds crazy but this little chicken knows how to make me feel better. One day while I was on the edge of depression I looked at her and she instantly changed personalities. She used to be a skittish pullet that wouldnt even look you in the eye. I never held her before, I never fed her treats because she was too scared to take them. But i dont know if at that short paused moment while I was crying and looked her in the eye if she suddenly got Boo's soul put in her, but the little pullet jumped on my lap, with no skittishness or fright, just like Boo did. Maybe because I didnt get to say goodbye to Boo before he died and he wanted to see me again, or if I am just going nuts. But ever since then she has been full-on Boo, jumping on my back and chance she gets, jumping on my lap, even if im standing up straight. She has even paced the cage, which i first thought was for food but when i try to give her food she ignored it and literally gives me kisses (takes her beak to my lips), Its crazy. Maybe a relative or Boo or everyone that i loved mixed into 1 but this is the chicken I have a huge bond with. She is so kind and sweet and nice. She acts like a human, super smart too. When she wants to go into my jacket and snuggle she pecks at my zipper, i pull it down and she climbs inside. What a beautiful personality she has. I have never seen a chicken like this, ever. Anyway thanks for reading, just a quick share on this amazing pullet of mine. And the creepy/strange thing is that she got super friendly the night my moms abusive boyfriend moved out totally. Another creepy thing is I named her Soul when I first got her, just because she looks like an Angel, and the name Angel is too simple for me, little did I know that deceased Boo's soul might be inside her. Creepy hey? I cant believe i just wrote all of that....Am I nuts? What do you think? anyway heres some pictures of Soul(the one next to my Naked neck hen)-
That was a great story.
Yes it is a very good story - especially that the creepy boyfriend is gone! May he enjoy the consequences of his actions! I am glad that Soul is such a good friend!
Awwwwwwwww..............It's amazing how we bond with our creatures, and others say they're just dumb animals.

I can relate very well to abusive boyfriends murdering helpless animals.

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