sound-proofing - experience with rooster box? (see bottom pg 2)

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  1. OCchickens

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    Jul 19, 2008
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    We love our up & coming roos & were hoping to build them a little dark, soundproof house to pass their non-daylight hours in (we're in a suburban neighborhood). Wondered whether anyone else had tried this, and what soundproofing suggestions you have.

    I was thinking of making it fairly small, maybe like 3x3, since they only need to sleep in there.

    Also -- I know chickens get placid at night but wonder whether I would have a problem with putting the roos in there. I know roos tend to fight.
    I thought I might need to move them over there after they settle down for the night, but do you think they'll still fight (me or each other?)
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  2. StrawberryHouseMouse

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    Mar 23, 2009
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    Well I don't see the reason behind having a sound proof coop if its for night time only. Seeing as how roosters sleep at night and crow during the daylight hours.
  3. OCchickens

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    Jul 19, 2008
    Brea, California
    I was thinking sound proof for night b/c I have definitely known roosters to crow at 3 am, plus a rooster's idea of time to get up prob. is different than my neighbors'. [​IMG]
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  4. FrenchHen

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    Jan 26, 2009
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    Insulating it with foam board sandwiched between particle board might work.
  5. Poulets De Cajun

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    Quote:you keep believing THAT one sweety.... LOL Dont call me at 2am when your roo wakes you up!
  6. DarkWolf

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    Nov 11, 2008
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    StrawberryHouseMouse must be a heavy sleeper like me.. :p

    Using 2-3" thick foam between the studs will greatly deaden sound, but you'll need to figure out a way to dampen the sound that comes out of any and all vent openings.

    To that extent, you could have a ply|foam|ply sandwich cut to around 2" overhang PAST the vent opening size, and then screwed on, allowing a 1" gap between the vent opening and sandwich, that would cut down on leaking sounds. Mind you I say cut down, not get rid of.

    | |
    | |

    ^- like that, if it shows right..
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    Jan 18, 2009
    A sound proof roo coop? Get rid of the roo... lol JK Let me know if it works...
  8. OCchickens

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    Jul 19, 2008
    Brea, California
    Thanks for the ideas so far!

    I just had the idea to use my little tikes playhouse & spray foam insulation into the hollow walls. Anyone have experience with foam insulation? Any way to do it besides an expensive kit?
  9. kinnip

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    Feb 24, 2008
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    Quote:Ooo, chickens love spray foam! If they find a way to get to it, they'll eat it all. That said, if it works, let me know. Our boys party all night!
  10. patandchickens

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    Apr 20, 2007
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    They won't eat spray foam that is *inside* a wall [​IMG]

    For whatever it's worth, my chickens are in a building (originally built for dogs) with 6" stud walls, fully insulated, with drywall inside and metal siding outside. With the coop windows closed, I can barely hear the crowing from my house ~100 ft away. So extra-thick walls may be worth considering, in addition to filling them with something sound-deadening.

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