Sour Crop


May 27, 2017
New Hampshire USA
My chicken Coco has been separated from the flock since Monday as I noticed the girls pecking at her and drawing blood on her comb. Knowing she must be sick I put electrolytes and probiotics in her water...which really perked her up at first. I also gave her some scrambled egg with some molasses, herbs and garlic which she ate right up. Thinking she had some infection as her crop seemed fine I gave her Tylan orally. This actually helped! Her tail feathers went up, she was eating and drinking much better and she seemed to be more herself. Well now not so much :( She has had the tummy gurgles the whole time which I was just told could be a crop issue. I am not sure what to do as I think it may be too late to help her. Her breathing seems labored and her crop isn't going down much. I am really hesitant in tipping her upside down to have her vomit, I don't want to hurt her more. Any thoughts or ideas from anyone who has been in this situation?
Don't be hesitant! If she's not passing what's in her crop, hold her upside down and massage it! Hens are not as delicate as folks think and it's better to have a hurt (but healing) chicken then a dead one!

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