sour crop?

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    I posted this topic on Friday, but must've done something to make that conversation disappear. I'm still new at this. On Wed. my 7yr old SLW "Poxy" vomitted copious amounts of foul smellig gray liquid. I brought her inside and gave her water with Ornalyte (electrolytes). She drank A LOT. I also gave her 500mg Amoxi that nite and the next morning. She seemed to perk up. Eats a bit, but not a lot. Still not up to roaming with the flock. She passed a tiny yolk on Sat. Now I don't know what to think. Why the gacky liquid if she's having an egg problem? Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    My hen did the same thing. Had problems with her crop, but in actual fact her main problem was that she was laying internally. The yucky crop was just a symptom of an unhealthy chicken. I ended up doing several days of putting oil into the chicken (very carefully so as not to put oil down into the lungs) and massaging the crop several times a day. I never ended up having to empty the crop, but some people have had to do that. My hen never actually had sour crop, but rather her crop was full because her digestive system had slowed down due to being unwell. I also made sure she had a completely soft diet for a week so her body did not have to work hard to pass the food through the body.

    Since you hen has horrible smelling fluid in her crop then you most likely will have to treat for sour crop.

    My hen never perked up properly till she had passed all the bits of eggs that she had layed internally.

    Good luck.
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    Jan 19, 2009
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    Do they have access to grit? salt?
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    My chickens are free-ranged on 2 acres and I toss oyster shell about. I guess I'll try the oil idea. Thanks.

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