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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by newfoundland, Feb 29, 2012.

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    II have just lost an Aylesbury duck to sour crop. i took her to the vet, but she was already very dehydrated and despite meds, and my best efforts, she died. I feel she would have had a better chance if I had caught it earlier. I noticed that she was a bit moth eaten in the tips of her wing feathers, but did not think she was unwell. Does anyone have any ideas of early warning signs for sour crop? I hope to avoid it in the future, and I do observe my ducks when i let them out to make sure all are eating etc. All help greatly appreciated.

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    Usually, you see the crop getting bigger. (not normal looking). You have to act fast as soon as you notice it.

    I lost a chicken due to an impacted crop because I didn't act fast enough.

    Add ACV (apple cider vinegar with the mother) in her drinking water. This will help the fermentation calm down enough for her to digest. It only takes like a teaspoon full into a gallon of water.

    Also, watch what you feed them. She may have gotten something too large to swallow and it got stuck in her crop.

    Good luck. and sorry for your loss.

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