Sourdough for chickens?


10 Years
Aug 8, 2009
Central N.S.
I make sourdough bread, and as such, each day or so I feed my starter by throwing some out and then adding more flour and warm water. I know my chickens like yoghurt, so I started to the fermented starter safe for them?

Does anyone know if this might not be safe?
I feed mine leftover sourdough bread...I would think you could feed them the starter too.
I had the same question, googled it, and found this thread. Have you tried it? We just got chickens and I am starting up my sourdough baking again soon, so I thought I would find out.
You can feed it as a treat. Like with any treat, don't overdo it. Unless of course your treats include protein. You want to make sure that they aren't filling up on treats and therefor aren't getting enough protein.

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