Sourdough starter progressing nicely **PICS**

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    Last week I posted about my first foray into the world of "sourdough" bread making. Sourdough is so called because it has a much more tangy flavor than other breads. This is from the use of "wild" yeast cultures instead of commercial yeast. This is the way everyone used to bake their breads until the advent of commercially available yeasts in the mid 19th century, and chemical rising agents like baking soda and powder.
    The ancient Egyptians are credited with baking the first yeast breads although some believe that the Hebrews brought the method with them. When the left Egypt 400+ years later, they left in such haste that they left behind their yeast cultures, thus we have matzah.
    I really love getting in touch with the basics and roots of food. We have such a commercialized palate in our world that we refer to bread the way it ought to be as "sourdough". This is why I raise my chickens for eggs (I wish I could for meat too), bake my own breads and grow my own garden. I think that the more we get in touch with the origins of our food and what it takes to put it on our plate, the more we appreciate the blessings we have.
    Well, here are some pics of my first 'sourdough' culture. His name is 'Jean', for Jean Valjean from the book Les Misérables. The first is 'day one' which was Saturday, the second is 'day three' which is today.



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