The Crazy Chicken Lady
Apr 22, 2008
upstate SC
I have the other SC threads linked to my email so I know when someone posts on them. I seldom come in here and look to see if a new one started.
Most of you already know me from posting in SC threads already. Or from seeing I may have something for sale.

I'm thinking, since so many people ask me about buying my laying pullets when they come to buy eggs, that I should just go ahead and order about 50 sex links from Central hatchery and raise them. I can always sell the eggs if no one wants to buy sex links since that is what I do here on the farm anyhow. But I was just thinking that next winter when everyone is asking about those laying pullets, I could sell the sex links.
I have sold too many pullets this spring and am worried I won't have enough producing hens this summer when I am collecting for hatching.
Central hatchery has really good prices but I know nothing about them.

Oh, hey everybody!

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