South O.C. California guinea rescue problem *Help Needed*

Discussion in 'Guinea Fowl' started by suburbanminifarm, Jun 17, 2010.

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    cracking up-- Thank you for offering
    I called my friend just now. She said there were actually 3 guineas ( I thought there were two) but no one has been able to catch them. I guess the area is heavily covered in brush and bushes and they are shy although they accept food and water.
    Sadly, when my friend checked yesterday, 2 had been killed by something. [​IMG]
    There was still one hen left, but we're afraid she won't last long especially without the others.
    I told her that I have a potential home lined up if the remaining hen can be caught. She was grateful and said she would be sure to let us know if there are any developments. Unfortunately, that's all I can do! The problems of a few stray guineas don't add up to much when the sherriffs have "real" crimes to worry about.
    I'll be sure to post any updates, no matter how sad! Thanks everyone.

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