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    He everyone-
    As some of you know my flock was attacked by a bird dog(s) of some sort and I had serveral chickens killed/injured. The 10 remaining injured ladies have been on Terramycin for 7 days. I removed them from the antibiotic yesterday. The packaging plainly says, "Do not to give to hens laying eggs for human consumption," which is why we separated them beforehand in order to medicate. My hens have very loudly proclaimed that they do not like being separated from the rest of their family. This getting them nowhere, they have now resorted to making sad little faces and noises every time I'm within hearing distance. As much as I've tried to remain strong.... I'm now falling prey to their sad little chicken eyes. [​IMG]

    My question is this...
    How many days after their last dose of Terramycin, is it safe to eat their eggs? Once I have this information I'll know when I can put them back in with all the others. If you can please give me the source of your information. I'd like to be able to read as much about it as I can so I have some peace of mind about my decision.

    Just an FYI :

    I've called the place the antibiotic came from, as well as Pfizer who is the manufacturer of the product and believe it or not, no one can tell me when it's OK to reintroduce my ladies back in with the rest of the flock and be able to eat their eggs again. Ridiculous, huh? You'd think the company that produced the product could help me, huh? Scary too, when you think about it.

    Thank you all so much!
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    I have used terramycin with my laying hens before. I *do* have serious allergies to most common antibiotics, including erythromycin (sp?) which is similar. I tossed the eggs out from the treated bird for one week. Then I started eating them again. No problems. This, however, is just my personal experience. I have read up to 2 week withdrawl time for other antibiotics. The reason they say not to use it with laying hens and the reason the manufacturer has no answer for you is simply that the money to do the testing in eggs didn't justify the benefit so they haven't tested. However, my non-scientific opinion is that it probably doesn't differ too much from other antibiotics or from testing that shows residual amounts in their meat. A week is probably fine. Two weeks if you are really worried. I wouldn't kill the off of google
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    I'm not sure how many days, but I could guess. Most antibiotics stay in a HUMAN system for about 24 hours. If it takes a week or so to form and produce an egg, I would guess after about 7 days since the last dose, they would be OK?
    Anyone-how far off am I???
    If they are desperate to be together, you could just pitch all the eggs for a week.
  4. You've probably found this information elsewhere by now. But i wanted to mention that my vet put my EE Penny on a sulpha medication for an infection, and her recommendation is to not eat the eggs for two weeks after medication has ended.

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