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8 Years
May 29, 2011
We live in the Chicago area and looking for soy free & non gmo feed and organic would be awesome. We found a place in Texas and shipping will kill us. Anyone know of something close by? Your help is greatly appreciated. Dee
Look into Azure standard, see if you have a drop off point near you. This is the only way I am able to get soy and corn free feed.
Yeah, Azure Standard has it, and there's no shipping charge...but the feed itself is super pricey if you're buying layer feed or chick starter. I love the idea of organic/non GMO, but with the number of birds I keep, I can't afford to feed them that! I have been buying Azure's individual grains (chicken wheat, oats, barley, whole peas, whole organic soybeans), mixing them together and sprouting them, that's fairly cheap to do.

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