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We have a couple of sacks of soybeab meal left over from mixing grain for our cattle. It looks like lite small lite brown flakes, not like flour fine but like baby cereal fine. I have read other threads about the use of soybeans but no one ever cam outrite said it is ok to add to feed. Doea anyone know if it is? I mix my own feed for the chickens and duck which is unscientific, I just mix till it look right. Whole wheat, cracked corn, laying pellets, black sunflower seeds and white millet in addition all the scraps from the kitchen. Would the soy be overkill? Thanks.


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ROASTED soybean meal is a major component of commercial poultry feeds (like Purina). Thus, it would be ok to feed. I would suspect that yours is roasted if it was designed to be fed to cattle. Raw soybeans have anti-nutrients and are considered bad for livestock (and people). BUT I don't have cows and so am not sure.

If it is not organic, it is likely genetically modified soy. But that's another topic.

I mix my feed too- my recipe is on my BYC page.
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If you add soy remember the protein is around 44%. Roughly 2 parts corn (9%) to 1 part soy gets the protein in the ball park for chickens.

I mix my own feed you can see it on my BYC page. (I do not use soy for personal reasons, As stated it is a major ingredient in many commercial poultry mixes..)


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