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Mar 29, 2014
So I have started a lot of threads on how much floor, run, roost space chickens would need. I am thinking of a 5x4 coop with and attached 6x4 run (although I'll probably end up making the run bigger). I have heard 2-5 ft floor 2ft roost 5-10 run and a 12x12 nest box for 3-6. So the numbers I have found and/or received vary. I get the lowest of 0-5 degrees in winter, snow 1-5 inches high an average of 7-10 days a year. Any recomodatoins would help greatly.
If they are going to be in there a lot during winter, 3-4 sq. ft. per hen would be nice, if it is in warmer area where they would be out most of the time of the year then maybe 1.5- 2 sq.ft. you could get away with.
Also depends on the breed/size of the hens too, smaller hens can handle a little smaller area.
I live up here where we get about 4-6 ft of snow, and temps in the minuses at times, I provide 4 sq. ft. per hen, well with only 4 right now it works out to 8 sq. ft. per hen, still working hubby to get 4 more

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