Spanish fork?

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Does anybody know how many chickens you can have on a 1/2 acre lot.

Is the town Spanish Fork? What state are you in? It doesn't state on your profile.

I would suggest contacting your city government and asking them what the ordinance is concerning chickens.
It seems you can have 6 hens on a lot of 1/2 acre or smaller. It also states you cannot sell eggs. Maybe you could trade eggs, though. :)

The City Council reviewed and passed an ordinance that allows for chickens to be kept in most residential neighborhoods. Lot sizes must be a minimum of 5,000 square feet and a maximum of 6 hen chickens can be kept. Lots larger than 1/2 acre allow for different numbers; see Title 15 of the Municipal Code.
Chickens may be kept in these residential areas only for family consumption; eggs produced in these areas cannot be sold.
All enclosures must be kept according to set standards in the ordinance, including size, type and setbacks.
The exact verbiage of the new ordinance is below:
Spanish Fork Municipal Code Title 6, Chapter 20, Chickens is hereby created as follows:
Chapter 6.20. Chickens
6.20.010 Keeping of Chickens
6.20.020 Enclosures Required
6.20.030 Food Dispensers
6.20.040 Violation

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