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    Chicken soup (Spanish style
    Spanish rice

    this as a fav. for my family and is soo good they'll think you cooked all day LOL (oh I have a large family so you can adjust to fit your needs)

    Chicken soup

    6 pieces of chicken I use breast or thighs. skinless
    1 can tomatoes and green chiles
    1 can cola (any brand)
    1 large onion
    2 cloves garlic or garlic powder to taste
    1 7 oz. jar green olives stuffed with pimiento
    3 or four bullion cubes (chicken flavor)
    1 small can tomato sauce
    3 or 4 potatoes cubed

    In large pot or crock pot saute the onions and garlic in a little oil then add the canned tomatoes and green chillies. Put the chicken on top add the soda, olives, bullion cubes and tomato sauce. If the liquid doesnt cover the chicken add water to cover. Cook until chicken is done add potatoes and cook until soft... DONE

    Spanish rice.

    3 or four hand fulls of rice
    1 onion diced
    2 cubes chicken bullion
    1 clove garlic or garlic powder
    1 can tomatoes and green chiles
    1 package sazon goya seasoning (found in Spanish foods section of store. it's a small orange box, lasts a long time)
    1 can peas

    In pot fry rice in a little oil, when it starts to brown add onions and garlic. then add the canned tomatoes and peas, next add approx. 6 cups water (watch the water you can always add more but can't take it out once it's in so add enough to cover rice plus about 3 inches more and add more as needed.
    now add all other ingredients and boil. It is done when rice is soft.
    I can't make white rice (it is always sticky, but this rice is a breeze)


    Open can of refried beans put in cast iron skillet add some garlic powder and seasoning salt. Heat then add some cheddar cheese serve in cast iron skillet. LOL

    I hope you all can understand my directions, I am a hand-full of this pinch of that kinda cook but these are easy and good eats.

    (Oh yeah forgot serve with flour tortillas)
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