Spanish turkey questions.


Apr 16, 2016
Are black spanish turkeys meat turkeys meat turkeys as in you have to butcher them when they get older. I had her since she was 7 months she is almost a year now. I really hope she is not a meat turkey because she is a super nice turkey I think she has more liking to me than my dogs do and I really like her. I heard they are native to mexico she is really a true aztec turkey. How long do they live.
Black Spanish are a heritage variety which means they can fly and reproduce without help. Your turkey can be used for meat, all turkeys can, but it isn't a broad breasted variety which often gets really large and dies young. So enjoy your hen, she should live a long time.
Thanks I am showing mine and she is in the fancy class not the meat class. But yes she flies very well and thinks nothing to just take off to get to the front yard if she is in the back or vise versa so does her friend the eastern wild turkey. They fly fast to. My friend has the grandma to my turkey and she is 13 years old.

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