Sparring behavior in Araucanas?

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    Jul 7, 2008
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    I checked out a few threads on ths subject and they were helpful but I am not convinced.

    First of all, when do I stop calling them chicks and call them pullets?[​IMG]

    So, our chicks/pullets are 7 weeks old. They like it in their coop. I have noticed a lot of *sparring* type behavior between a few of them. The one Araucana jumps and ruffles her neck feathers (reminds me of a dog w' his hair raised) and kicks with her feet to the younger Araucana. She sometime flies across the run just to do this.

    So, is this early roo behavior? OR pullet pecking order? OR maybe just play? They seem to get along and will roost next to each other soon after these *spars*. They all eat and drink together, too.

    I know its nature, but my maternal instincts kick in and I want to protect "Chocolate".

    Thanks for any help.
  2. hinkjc

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    Jan 11, 2007
    The behavior could be either one. Roos spar like this to establish who will be the top roo and pullets spar with both pullets and roo depending on their personality. I've seen full grown hens take on a roo in a sparring match if she was in a bad mood. It is all part of the pecking order.

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    My two easter eggers just love to run and fly across the run outside.

    It's either getting the pecking order, play or both!
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    All of my birds play chicken. They look like a bunch of teenagers talking smack. I think it's mostly for entertainment, since the same birds win every time.
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    Although many people feel that fighting chickens is against their will.It is very natural for them.It may seem cruel how the smaller weaker ones get beat up (like the runt in any group of animals)but,this is natures way of keeping the species strong.It will work out once the pecking order is established.My Americana's are about 10 weeks and doing the same thing.
    I call them chicks til up to 4 weeks or so then,
    I always thought you call them pullets right up until they start laying,then they graduate to be a layer.

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