Speaking of hawks


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Feb 17, 2009
North Georgia
I am getting 4 goslings in about 2 weeks,and 5 runners and 5 mini ducks later. (The mini's will have their own fort Knox pen)-but I was going to keep the geese and runners together at night in a goose house and have a day yard and some free ranging around the house (within a fence, when I am home).
I live in a rural area with a forest nearby and have seen hawks , probably red tail hiding in a tree near my water trough, in the area I plan to put a 30 X 60 foot day pen with a 4 foot fence with a secure night Fort knox pen inside that. It is in a group of pine and oak trees the furthest away from changing rental neighors --least likely area to cause trouble,and has shade from the GA. sun.
Will the geese and runners be in any danger from hawks? in the day yard? I was going to keep the goslings and runners in their night pen (a 12 X20 garage kit, that I am going to fence all the way around and over the top and put hardware cloth around the bottom 2 feet) untill they are grown, unless I am with them grazing in a yard.


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Jul 30, 2008
I am going to say yes, especially the ducks.
The geese might be able to fend off a hawk attack once grown but keep in mind that hawks attack by stricking their prey with a good amount of force. If they surprise a goose and strike their head it will probably kill it and then the other geese are then likely to drive it off before it can feed.
I once saw a red tail strick one of my hens. The hen saw it at the last minute and started to run and the hawk hit her side. The feathers flew in every direction. When I was finally able to catch the completely histerical hen she had one wing feather in tact and was missing most of her feathers on her thigh and leg. I was amazed.

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