Specific problem with use of nipple waterer. They're pulling not pecking.


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I know there's a ton of existing posts about teaching chickens to use the waterer. I'm sorry to start a new thread but that's not my issue. They know where it is, they know that water comes out of it somehow but when they're thirsty they don't peck at it, they grab the metal pole that hangs down from it and pull it. They bite it. Which doesn't really cause water to come out unless the just happen to knock it sideways. The only time I was having to refill the bucket (the nipples are attached to a pvc pipe but there's a bucket at the top to fill) was when there was a leak in the nipple so it would constantly drip. They would drink from the drip. But like o said, now the just bite and pull on it.

What can I do? Would adjusting the hieght make them have to peck instead of pull? Should it be below eye level or well above thier heads so they reach? Or are my chickens just defective. I didn't raise em right, spoiled em.


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It should be just above their heads. Tipping up to drink lets the water run down their throats when they're thirsty.

It doesn't matter whether the peck or grab or push, it takes very little pressure to get the water flowing. However, you've described how they act when the water won't flow because the container is airtight. It should have at least a pinhole at the top to prevent a vacuum forming.


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Agree...make sure there is a hole in the top of the bucket to let the water flow.

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