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    May 18, 2014
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    I got my first real speckeled egg today. I have Gotten them before, but the spots were very small and barely noticeable. I am wondering if it is from one of my pullets or from one of my older hens.

    Older hens are Rhode Island Red, Barred Rock and White Rock. One of the older hens was attacked by a stray dog I rescued from the street this weekend (10/31/15). She was a Rhode Island Red. She is OK, just missing a bunch of feathers. And the stray dog is no longer around.

    The young pullets 19 weeks old so should start laying eggs anytime.
    They are the following: Ameracauna (easter Eggers), Black Australorp, Blue Andalasian, Light Brahma, and Golden Laced Wyondette.

    I am wondering if the spots are from the Stress from this weekend or if one of the pullets is now a hen. I am ruling out the Andalasian because of the Color.
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    My RIR's lay eggs like that, also one of my welsummer used to lay solid colored eggs and towards the end of the season they became speckled like that.

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