Speckle Sussex not laying?


10 Years
Jun 19, 2012
Danville, NH
Our Speckle Sussex was a good layer. One day (2wks ago) it looked like she had a white plug in her vent. My husband held her as I pulled object out of her - mutant egg? Not to be too descriptive but looked like a condom.
Ever since she has not laid any eggs.
If anyone has any knowledge or info regarding this please send me a message.
We are getting concerned something might be going on with her - now sign of illness or stress. She is still very active, eats, drinks & poops okay.
Sounds like she had a soft shelled egg that broke. How old is the hen, is she molting or stopping/starting a laying cycle? Soft shelled eggs are not that uncommon, but they can mean potential problems, especially if they are not passed correctly, peritonitis being one http://www.avianweb.com/eggyolkperitonitis.html I would be concerned about her since she has not laid a regular egg since. I would keep a close eye on her and check her over very carefully, especially her abdomen, if she is a pet you might consider taking her to the vet, if she is starting to develop peritonitis/internal laying there are some things that can be tried. http://www.chickenvet.co.uk/health-and-common-diseases/egg-laying-issues/index.aspx

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