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Apr 22, 2020
I have three Black Australorps that are just about 7 mo old. Louise has been laying for three weeks almost an egg a day. Solid darker brown. Ann has been at it for two weeks and lays about four to five light brown to pink. Thelma ( get it, Thelma Ann Louise) had lagged behind her comb and waddle are still not in. She eats fine and his as active and happy as the others. Anyway today on egg collection, yes still one of my favorite parts of the day, I collected by far the biggest egg to date and it was speckled. They have not been speckled before and I googled their egg color didn’t mention. Is this unusual? And to be that much larger all of a sudden? Is the Thelma dropping the hammer on her sisters? See pic. The only thing new was yesterday they got a bit of apple for the first time.



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Nov 27, 2012
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I love speckled eggs!

'Speckled' eggs can happen for several different reasons...very few, if any, of which are a 'problem'.
Can be caused by:
Excess or uneven pigment coating.
Excess or uneven cuticle(bloom).
Excess calcium deposits.
Porous eggs can appear speckled.
Some birds lay them consistently, some only once in awhile.
The pigment or bloom can change appearance when wet, then change back when dry again.

As long as bird is getting a good diet and is healthy in every other way, it is no cause for concern.

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Aug 7, 2020
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The first month my three BAs were laying, one of them gave me three double yolkers. Since they were HUGE compared to the other eggs, it made me want to cross my legs and say oooowwww!

They've been laying about 10 weeks now. Getting eggs still makes me smile. I get 1-2 a day now that the days are shorter, and that's ok. I still tell all of them thank you for the wonderful gift.

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