Speckled Sussex Chicks Pecking Order?


9 Years
Sep 6, 2010
We have four SS chicks that are 5 weeks old. I was wondering how to tell the pecking order, or when they'll form it if they didn't. Is there some way to tell by their size, personality, etc? One of them was pecking the others on the head when they were a day old bringing them home, but she's currently one of the smallest. (There's one other small one.) She acts weird too. When we let them run around a room, she's always off doing her own thing, while the other three are pretty much together. Does that mean anything?
I'm not sure if I can help. Our chooks are 24 weeks old and I can now see their pecking order. But when they were 5 weeks old I had no idea. Maybe I was just missing it or they hadn't worked it out yet.

Good luck figuring out your fuzzy butts.
I have 7mo Speckled Sussex hens (3). Out of a mixed flock of: Black sex-link, wellsummers and white rocks, I find the SS to be low on the totem pole. They usually are getting pecked on by someone
If they try to eat before another hen, etc. BUT, I have to say they are my most fave breed along w/Barred Rocks. So sweet and curious...fun chickens
Don't let the size fool you those little sussex are full of sass! Sometimes the smallest can be the top hen! You will notice the order as they grow, some are more apparent in the beginning. I would just keep an eye on them and monitor it a bit. Make sure she isn't being picked on. Some pecking is OK as long as it isn't drawing blood.

My little Sussex ran up to my HUUUUgge Brahma's the other day stole a piece of bread and took off running. The whole flock was chasing her!
Do other chicks do this: When we move them, (one at a time) when the first one is at the spot, the other three start cheeping really loud. I'm not surprised the lonely one is doing that, but why are the other three? If one of them is the loudest, calling for the other one, does that have anything to do with it?

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